Dattoli + Kaminski MD

To all our Patients, their Family and Friends:


Doctors Dattoli and Kaminski are proud to announce the formation of their new nutraceutical company - D+K Brands, LLC. As you know the Dattoli Cancer Center is world renowned for the treatment of prostate cancer and care provided to their patients. The doctors will bring the same expertise and skills to the nutraceutical business.

D+K will design, develop, manufacture and sell proprietary pharmaceutical grade supplements intended for patients with cancer or at risk for recurrence of cancer, and for people with other medical ailments where nutritional supplementation is important. In addition, standard supplements (such as vitamin D) will be developed in the same way as their proprietary formulations.

According to Dr. Dattoli and Dr. Kaminski "our products are desperately needed in an industry associate with unregulated supplements, which often contain little of the actual ingredients they claim". Many existing products can be potentially unsafe and result in adverse interactions with other supplements or prescribed medications. The D+K supplement products are very unique as they will be of the highest quality, safe, pure, manufactured at FDA approved facilities under GMP, and come with the endorsement of the doctors.

These one of a kind formulations are being finalized but will be available soon. We will let you know when they are available!